Starting out as an FC


Im gonna, be putting lots of information here over the next few months. Sharing things Ive learnt about FCing, Social Dynamics, how to motivate people, and the big picture of running a campaign or war in Eve. The focus on this is for new pilots and new players using tools that are available to newer players. This is not going to be about how Null sec alliances run logistics with Jump Freighters or Carriers. I want all of the in game tools it depends upon to be available to newer pilots. I am going to start off with baby steps and will add more and more info over the next few months. If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments below. Some of this will be really practical some will be really theoretical. This will be mostly my personal opinion and what I have found works for me. Lots of people will have other perspectives and will have methods or things that they prefer. In Eve there are many ways to do different things. Most of the time one is not right or wrong, many roads lead to rome.
Newbies Guide to getting into FCing
My Piranha Swarm Doctrine is an ideal place for complete newbies to start Fcing. Or have some fun and make up your own newbie friendly doctrine.

I created this as 3 or so month old player and had heaps of pilots joined me as I lead them to death and glory. (And I really did not know what I was doing when I started)

The main things to look for in a newbie friendly doctrine is to keep the ships as cheap as possible and non skill point intensive.
Try use meta 0 to 3 modules for every ship and keep all ships costs below 2 or 3 mil. (Piranha Swarm is mostly below 2 mil, I aim for under 1 mil where possible)

If you do want to take out piranha swarm Just get a 1:1:2 ratio of slasher, merlin and thrasher.

It will work with 4 pilots or with 30.

Slashers point fast things and orbit at at about 9 or 10 ks and Web.

The Merlins catch up and scram then orbit at 500.

then the thrashers catch up, approach and rip things to shreds.

go roam, and attack any thing you see.

Try and learn how all the ships in eve work by taking a bite out of them.

when you die. go and reship. It only cost you 1 or 2 mil.

If you dont find much PvP action in lowsec kill clone soldiers, (I will post about this in future)
1 clone soldier will get you 20 -25 mil thats an extra 10 to 15 ships.

then go forth and bite things again.

if you only get three people to x up you can do this. If more join then it scales perfectly.


A good FC prepares

How to get people to join your fleet?

The FC as a sales person:

1) People are busy and have their own agendas, you need to sell your fleet to them, if you want them to give up station spinning and carebareing.
Use every Fleet as an experiment in social interaction. Experiment with ways to motivate people. Spin a story, make it sound exciting. “Come join me in a blaze of glory”. Or you could sell it as an educational experience. “Come learn to PvP by derping cheap ships into lowsec!” Or you could make it financially rewarding. “Come to lowsec learn to Pvp and get isk from clone soldiers!” Then between looking for Pvp kill search belts and kill clone solders and split the isk between the fleet members. Basically find an angle and use it. Dont be boring, and make sure you make it clear what you are giving to the person who joins you. Be it Fun, education, isk, a warm place in your heart.

2) Advertise ahead
The more lead time you give people the more people will join you.

The more repetition the more likely people are to join. Just dont be a douch and spam too often.

1. Put advert up in the calender 2 weeks ahead of time.
2.Send the info to the guy who sends the Alliance wide mails about upcoming events.
3. Talk it up on mumble the day or days before
4. post it in chat channel the day before.
5. Post it in channels one to 3 hours ahead of time, then 1 hour ahead then every 20 mins.
6. An hour before the fleet, sit in various mumble channels for 30 mins and invite new bros to the fleet.

3) Organise logistics
Buy and fit at least 3 (ideally 5+) of each doctrine ship and have it it your hangar. Then tell late comers that they can just buy one prefitted from you at the start of the fleet.

By removing boring barriers to joining your fleet people will have less excuses and will be more willing to come. Having the extra ships ready and available is great for when you all explode as you can all just come grab a new one. And as they only cost a few Mil it is super cheap.

Also by demonstrating that you are prepared and organised people will think that you are serious about FCing and will respect you more, this will be an added motivator for them to join you.

At the end of the day you are responsible for the areas you can control. You are not responsible for the things you cant control. Take control of all the things you can and then pray for good luck in the areas you cannot control.

The more potential problem areas you address the less things that can go wrong. So sure you dont need to follow all these steps but for each one you do implement it removes one more obstacle to people not Xing up for your fleet.


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