Social Dynamics and Motivators.

Ive spent most of my adult life working between the sales industry, the entertainment industry and in social work. I will be posting lots of concepts here which I think can be very useful to think about in Eve.

Im going to start off with some basic psychology from the sales industry, and will add in lots of different perspectives, that become more complex and more subtle.

Negative Motivators

Negative motivators can be very powerful, but you must be careful how you use them because while they can give you fast responses you can also destroy peoples trust with them. Think about circumstances where these are natural motivators and be careful if you have to artificially create them. They can be very effective but is it worth the cost in the long term. Wether it is motivating people to follow you in a fleet, or to create some kind of event, or to motivate people to join you in a corporation you want to start, these principals will be good food for thought.

5 Negative Motivators

G – Greed

Whats in it for me? How is this product going to add value to my life. Financial Gain? A learning experience? A memory? A sense of Belonging? A sense of Achievement?

I – Indifference

If some one is too desperate to sell something then there is usually some thing wrong with it. If the sales person is totally confident in their product then they are not desperate to get every person to buy it. The confident sales person will happily say, if you don’t like it don’t buy it. When you are confident in your product you are indifferent to complaints or rejections from people who oppose your idea. By being willing to push people away it can make them want to come to you. Never try and force people to follow you, push them away until they are ready to follow you of their own volition.

F – Fear of Loss

The fear of loss is one of the most powerful motivators. This is one of the reasons why eve combat is so intense, as the fear of losing your ship and assets causes a deep emotional response. There are many ways to create a fear of loss in people who you want to follow you. This is a one time only event. You will have to wait until next time to join. If you don’t step up some one else will.

Fear of loss is a very powerful and simple motivator, but most of the time it produces negative long term effects. If you pressure some one into following you with a sense of guilt then you may get great short term results but you are sabotaging your future. You will see many null sec corps try to use fear of loss to motivate their people, this is a dangerous balance, go to far and you will destroy the trust of your followers.

T – The Jones Theory

Keeping up with the Jones. Humans have a natural tendency to flock like sheep. There is safety is a group, and there is often shame if you are the odd one out. This is the main motivation behind the fashion cycle, and most of consumerism in the western world. This is a very powerful but more indirect motivator. Its downside is that it produces mindless robot followers. The positive is that a unified group can be highly effective. Flying doctrine ships in eve is an example of this, as is the power of fascist political ideology in the 1940s, and the control that corporations exert over the western world to conform to social norms in modern history. Again these negative motivators can be very powerful but all come with a high cost. You can quickly destroy trust, and can stop creativity, and innovation. In moderation at the right times it can be very effective.

To use this theory develop a culture that punishes those who step out of line, create idols or personalities that are example of the behaviour you want every one to copy. Publicly praise those who demonstrate the behaviour you want to cultivate. Publicly rebuke those who display the behaviour you want to weed out.

We see pop stars and celebrities who, advertise a product. Michael Jordan and Nike.

For example in Eve I have pushed the Derptron as a newbie doctrine. In my propaganda post advertising it, I stated that the Derptron was fundamental to the Galente Militia dominating their faction war.

Find or create celebrities to role model the behaviour you want. Rebuke those who step out of line.

If you are creative and constructive in the manner you do this then you are actually helping and educating those who have opposed the plan.

Be sure to go back to the above point on indifference. If after a first subtle rebuke some one does not want to comply, let them go on their way, and be indifferent to them. When they are ready they can come to you if they want. If your idea or product has value then the person who opposes it is missing out, and that is their problem.

S – Sense of Urgency

Keeping a sense of urgency keeps things exciting, keeps things moving. It keeps things in the realm of emotion rather than the realm of cold emotional thinking. If some one has a convoluted intellectual barrier to wanting to support your idea, switch gears in to emotion and punch through the objections.
A sense of urgency, creates a heightened emotional state it requires followers to quickly make decisions with out stoping to analyse them. Positives is that it leads to quick reactions, it is a lot of fun, and a lot can be achieved in a short space of time. Negatives are that people can feel rushed and taken advantage of (if the choice you helped them make does not add value to them) It is very important (In my opinion) that you always add value to the people you want to follow you. Often people will have objections and will want to think through things for a long time before doing anything. This can be very counterproductive when military circumstances demand immediate action. If you develop a reputation for always adding value to your followers then they will trust you, when you ask for quick responses that they would rather have a committee meeting about.

There will be lots more to come. These first techniques are a bit like a baseball bat. A very brute force approach. I will add more subtle and positive motivators soon.


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