In EvE humans are the most valuable resource. Influence over people is the ability to get people to make your ideas a reality.

In my last post I covered some of the ways to use negative motivators to influence people to make your ideas a reality.

I will now cover some methods of using positive motivators to influence people.

It is my firm belief the negative motivators create powerful short term influence, but then quickly damage that relationship giving you low or no future influence over that person / group. In contrast positive motivators take far longer to take effect but eventually give you a much stronger and more sustainable long term influence over people.

You can scam money and services out of someone in the short term, but a loyal friend and supporter will give you far more value over a lifetime.

Respect and Love

Positive influence is built on Respect and Love. These two concepts are tied up in the idea of adding value. We respect people who have a high or higher level of value or success that us. We love people who add value to our lives.


Commodities are every where, we use them for things, we don’t trust them to be consistent, we don’t love them. A service person at a super market is like a commodity. You use them to do a job. They have no influence over your life.

Fads, are things we love for a short time, they add a lot of value right now, but it is short term value, it is fun it is entertaining, but it does not add lasting value to my life. Popstars, celebrites, gurus. these people dazzle us with talent, or fame, but we cannot rely on them to help us in a time of need. They have no loyalty to us, they do not add long term value to our lives, and they will not be there to help in a time of need.

Brands are built on the concept of consistency and respect. You can trust that brand to consistently do what they are supposed to do. This is a level of value that we can build into our life and rely on it. A service provider who you can trust to do the job you ask them to do. This person wins your respect for their reliability and talent.

Loyalty. We are loyal to people who we trust to be consistent and reliable, but who also add value to our lives. The combination of a person who you can trust to be there for you in a time of need, and who also adds value to your life consistently creates a strong desire to return these services. These people have talents and value that we do not, it may be in specialist areas, but these people are not only reliable for a time of need but they also add value that I could not gain by my self.

The people who we are loyal to have the most influence over our lives.

If you want to have a high level of influence over others lives, become a person who others wish to give their loyalty to.

Start by becoming a respectable person.

Let your actions reflect your words.
Don’t be hypocritical, if you say some thing follow through with your actions.
If you are doing a simple job do it well.
If you can set goals and then regularly fulfil the goals you set, then it builds respect.

Having skills or talents wins respect. This is having a higher level of value than those around you. You can share this value and help lift others up to your level.

Demonstrate that you have value that is higher than the people around you, even if it is only in certain specific areas.

Add Value to those around you.

Once you are established as someone worthy of respect, you can add value to those around you.

Help other reach their goals, help them reach their dreams, help them to become better people.

People crave the company of people who add value to their lives. If you bring out the best in some one then they will want you to be around, as you help them be a better person.

When you are helping others become better people they will naturally want to return the favour and will want to help make you a better person. They will want to help you fulfil your goals.

This is where you have loyalty. You now have influence over people who want to help you. Who want to work to make your ideas become reality.

If you continue to demonstrate a level of value, by adding value to others lives, by creating content for those around you, then people will be loyal to you and will work with you to make your plans and ideas a reality.


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