May the best idea win

In the above post we looked at control, through freedom. The honest version of this is giving people the freedom to choose the best idea. I personally believe that the best method of leadership is to let the best idea win. There is however another method of control that is not as obvious, but gives many of the advantages of “May the best idea win” method, but gives far more control to the party desiring power. This does have downsides, but it is very effective, if you can live with your conscience.

May the best idea win.

This is the concept originally behind free market capitalism, and democracy.

However this is not how things actually work in the real world.

In free market capitalism. there are many competing suppliers, who all make the same goods, the customers have the freedom to choose, and the information to know which item is best. The customer ideally then chooses the best item.

In modern capitalism this is not how it works. All the goods are supposedly presented equally, with all the information available for the customer to make a choice purely based on functional effectiveness.

But advertising comes into play. While the customer has free to access all the information about all the competing items, they often are too lazy to make use of this information.

Advertising attempts to swing the customer to buy a certain item, making claims about its functional effectiveness, persuading the customer that this item is practically best. Emotionally manipulating the customer, to value this item above the rest.

Celebrities, and people of high value endorse this item. It is psychologically associated with happiness and positive emotions through audio visual presentations. Emotional connections are stirred up, and the rational thought process is down played. Primitive competitive instincts are drawn upon. Its us versus them, we will win. We will conquer. Fear of the outsider is created.

If all this was stripped away it would often be clear that the item most customers choose is often not them best item. Functionally it is inferior. Even though customers have the freedom of information to see that the product is inferior, they choose not to use this information because it is too hard. It is easier to trust the recommendation of a celebrity, and the get caught up in the emotions and status symbol games.

In this manner advertising is totally anti free market capitalism, it is actually interfering with the best product succeeding.

With the intervention of advertising, it is no longer a case of “May the best idea win” It is a case of “May the best advertising win.”

So to summarise, by giving people the freedom to choose, you disarm their reflex to rebel. You then flood them with choices so that it is too hard to compare all the choices. So that it takes huge amounts of work to figure out which choice is best. Then you use comprehensive advertising campaigns to establish that your idea is the best idea.

This is dishonest, but effective. Long term it does build up a resentment, but it is a easy to deal with resentment because it cannot be targeted at any thing. People have the freedom to choose, they can choose the best idea. You are not controlling them, or forcing them to make choices. Any choice they make they make of their own free will. You just ensure that it is very highly likely that they will make the choice that you want them to make.

Emotions is the key to this. Stir up emotions, get people acting emotionally, get them to disengage their rational mind. Create a sense of urgency, create a fear of loss, create a great desire to fit in with the crowd. create a fear of being the odd one out, an outsider, an alien. Always give people choices, but create clear emotional and social stigmas for those who choose badly.

Let your people police them selves, with their own sense of social standings, and fashions. Praise and reward those who model desired behaviour, subtly make fun of those who, don’t fit in, or who go against the doctrine of publicly acceptable thought, your people will carry on this culture once it is set up. Once you create the rules of what is cool and not cool, what is desirable and not desirable, and what is weird and unacceptable, then your followers will work hard to be cool, and desirable, and they will shun people who fall into the weird category. Once you create a culture it will become a self perpetuating monster that will keep you in power. Just make sure that you are the one who is setting the standards of what is cool and what is weird. Use propaganda, media, celebrity endorsements and “scientificc” writings and facts sheets to make these points clear to your followers.

Demonise an enemy, create a constant external threat. Stress the need for cooperation to survive against this external threat. Praise the successes of your followers, glorify the deeds of your cause.

Expound on the righteousness of your idea. When followers prove to be loyal supporters, raise them up with awards and social status. then have them preach the greatness of your idea. In this manner create your own celebrities and use them to endorse your own product.

Always give the freedom of choice. Always make it known that your idea is based on freedom, that your followers are free to criticise, free to question, free to chose to do what ever they want. That you are fighting for freedom, and are bringing freedom to the world. That your enemy is against freedom, they are afraid of freedom, that is why they are afraid of you.

Then have loyal supporter share stories of how they could choose anything but they chose your idea because it is the best. Have them explain why it is the best. have lots and lots of information about why it is the best. Have an overabundance of information about this.

Freedom of information, and freedom of choice. Over abundance of freedom leads to dependence.Dependence is but a step away from slavery.

Over abundance of information leads to information overload, creating a need for an informed leader to guide the average person through the maze of information.

Censorship, and control of information and control of choice creates an easy target to rebel against.

A better method of control is to provide freedom of information, and then to provide far too much information, in order to create confusion. In this state of confusion the ordinary person will turn to an expert to guide them in their choices. You then become that expert. You then have a free channel to suggest to them how they interprets events, what they should value and not value.

They then willingly give you free control to make them support what ever you want.

Freedom is Slavery


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