Freedom is slavery, Slavery is freedom.

The more that you try and control a persons life the more they desire to rebel against you.
If you force some one to support your idea then they will build up a desire to rebel against it.

If you set some one free to make their own choice, then use your influence to sway them to choose to support your idea of their own will, then you still have power over that person as they are still supporting your idea, but they don’t have hidden reservations as they chose to support it of their own free will, rather than by you forcing them.

It is often more effective to take the long road, as it will give you lasting results. The short road gives you instant results but they will not last.

If you are leading an organisation or a fleet, or other social group. If you set strict rules and give people the choice to support your ideas, or leave, then you will get short term results, but you will build up a level of resentment in your followers. You have shown that you don’t trust them, or respect them or their opinion, and that you believe that you are better than them and that your idea is better than their idea.

If the end goal is to get people to support your idea, then their are better ways to achieve this goal, than by forcing people to support it with negative motivators, such as fear of loss.

Firstly if you give your people the option to choose from multiple ideas, you show that you trust them and respect them and their intelligence. If you then go on to demonstrate that the idea you support is superior to the other ideas, (and it is true) then it is likely that they will support the idea you support. And they will support it strongly because they actually believe that it is the best idea. It has now become their idea, that they are inwardly supporting, not some one else’s idea that is forced upon them from the outside.

When you are trying to achieve a goal with your group, think about the goal, and then step back and work out the best way to achieve that goal. It is often the indirect path that will lead to the best results.

If the idea that you support is actually the best idea, then you should not need to create and enforce rules, as people will naturally want to support the best idea. You just need to make sure that your ideas are actually great quality, and that they are adding value to those around you, and then people will choose to follow you because it is actually beneficial for them to do so.

If you are forcing people to support your idea with threats, and the fear of loss, then it will often appear that your idea is not very good, and that it cannot stand up to scrutiny, and that it is not actually going to add value to those around you.

If you focus on having good ideas that add value to the those around you then people will naturally want to support your ideas.


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