3 ways to leadership, power and achieving your goals.

For those who are new to the blog, we are looking at theories of leadership, and how they apply to Eve Online. This is most applicable to people in Corp Leadership and Fleet Commanders, however if you are interested at looking behind the scenes of how organisations run in Eve then you may be interested […]


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May the best idea win

In the above post we looked at control, through freedom. The honest version of this is giving people the freedom to choose the best idea. I personally believe that the best method of leadership is to let the best idea win. There is however another method of control that is not as obvious, but gives […]

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In EvE humans are the most valuable resource. Influence over people is the ability to get people to make your ideas a reality. In my last post I covered some of the ways to use negative motivators to influence people to make your ideas a reality. I will now cover some methods of using positive […]


Starting out as an FC

Brief Im gonna, be putting lots of information here over the next few months. Sharing things Ive learnt about FCing, Social Dynamics, how to motivate people, and the big picture of running a campaign or war in Eve. The focus on this is for new pilots and new players using tools that are available to […]

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Paper Tank Arty Stabbers   This is one of the cheap newbie friendly doctrines I designed┬áto give newbros a cheap way to practice specific tactics, in this case skirmish range kiting.┬áThis is a fun cheap new bro friendly way to learn how to fly a tornado, just with dps and speed adjusted for frigate and […]

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This is about the 5th iteration of what was originally my XL ASB Tackle Stabber.   I present the VagaShark: A heavy fast tackle beast which doubles as a very interesting and flexible solo boat. https://o.smium.org/loadout/9308   With skills at all 5. Flys at 3122m/s 0r 4450 m/s heated Can tank 411 non heated or […]

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Another Hull tanked wonder for you all! I present the hull tanked gank vexor.   This thing does stupid dps for a cruiser and still has a decent tank plus has the free mid slots for a Hydra Ewar Setup. This is great for solo, or small gangs. In a small gang the sensor damps […]

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So I have recently discovered the wonders of hull tanking.   It is only effective on certain ships, particularly gallente ones, but it allows you to do some bizarre and unusual things. A damage control II give you omni 60% resists, and the hull tanking rigs (Small Transverse Bulkhead I) then give you 20% bonus […]

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